About the Tomato

Hello! This is Little Tomato, another food blog / outlet for a girl with too many food photos and not enough social media outlets.

DSC_0009Hmm… where do I begin? I’m an absent-minded software engineer who moved to the SF-Bay Area for work (and the boyfriend) three years ago. We met four years ago during my internship in San Jose and well… the rest is history! He puts up with my crazy demands, “Don’t eat that!” “Pretend to eat that.” “Hold the light here… no… there..” and eats all my culinary creations, both good and bad.  

Little Tomato is my third food blog since I turned 18. This time I’m 20% more certain that it will last more than three months. Wish me luck? 

All the recipes here are stamped with the boyfriend’s seal of approval. Enjoy!