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    Eddie’s Famous Chili

    Did you know this all-American comfort food originated from Texas? It’s one of the first Tex-Mex foods that borrowed its flavor profile from Mexican cuisine. Sources claim that the very first chilis didn’t have beans or tomatoes. They were made from just meat and dehydrated paste made from chilies and aromatics, that travelers could cook while on the road. While embarking on a journey to make the perfect chili, we stumbled upon Mexican recipes for adobo marinades that really reminded us of the flavor profile of Texas chili. The blend of chilies, garlic, oregano, cumin, and vinegar is nearly identical to old-time adobo recipes. What if we used adobo for…

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    Classic Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce

    If summer is about berry and peach sangrias, then autumn is about pie and enjoying hot chai on the couch.  The warm days of summer were fleeting at best– (damn you San Francisco), but has brought a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables. It’ll be another 9 months until I see get to eat another melon or nectarine. This always gets me feelin’ some type of way. Grilled corn and barbecues, you were great, but I am ready to bid the season adieu with a good ‘ol apple pie.  Every September I turn into a pie-making machine. I think I have a solid enough foundation this year to start expanding my pie-rizons, yeah? Before I get…

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    Choosing the Best Apples for Pie-Baking

    I’ve only ever known three apples in my childhood: the Red Delicious in the school cafeteria, the Fuji as my parents’ chosen sweet snacking apple, and the Granny Smith for baking due to its overwhelming tartness. Throughout the years, Gala and Honeycrisp grew in popularity, and became available in most mainstream grocery stores. Now that I’ve moved to Berekey, I have 15-20 different varieties of apples to choose from at my local grocery store; Gingergold, Jonagold, Braeburn, Gravenstein, Newton/Cox Pippin, Russet and Famaeus just make my baker heart leap in excitement.  What makes a good pie?  First let’s discuss what we’re really looking for. In my years of baking, I have made numerous bad pies…

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    Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake

    My only experience with pound cake as a kid was from the boxed Sara Lee stuff. My grandma would secretly buy a loaf from the Chinese supermarket and sneak some to me before dinner. Boy were they a treat! Thinking back, those rectangular prism cakes were actually kind of creepy. How did they manage to get it to a perfectly brown rectangle? It doesn’t have a single crack at the top! Life is full of mysteries.  This is easily my go-to cake to bring to work or picnics, and makes a great “just because” cake. It’s delicious, easily transportable, and the perfect sharing size! I seriously can’t think of one reason to dislike this.   

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    Pork and Mushroom Ragu with Polenta

    With tomatoes aplenty at the market, I’ve been in this meat-sauce mood lately. It’s hearty and warming; perfect for those cold nights in the middle of summer. Ok well, regardless of whether your summers are cold or not– surely there can’t be an inappropriate time for delicious ragu over a buttery plate of polenta? Those who know me, know I love braising. It’s my preferred way to eat fat-laden cuts of meat. Just imagine moist and tender chunks of pork, soaked in a thick sauce of meat juices and herbs, then ladled over creamy polenta. The lobster mushroom and peak-of-the-season tomatoes impart an umami that marries wonderfully with the rich flavor of the pork shoulder. The recipe is pretty standard.…